Not-So-Affordable Housing Across the Nation


Affordable housing in big cities is rare and considered the diamond in the ruff of real estate, especially when you look at the cities with the largest economies. A study was recently published by showing how homebuyers are starting to be priced out of big city markets such as Nashville and Dallas as the home values are rising faster than household income.

In determining the cost of real estate residents can afford, compared the ratio of median home values to the typical household income. For example, if the median home value in Sample City is $150,000 and the median household income is $50,000, their ratio would be 3:1. then used this formula ...

Opportunity Funds in Sarasota - Investing in your Community


“Opportunity Funds” is quickly becoming a discussion topic in Sarasota. Locals and investors are talking more frequently about Opportunity Funds, Opportunity Zones, and the tax incentives they provide, but very few people are familiar with how they pertain to Sarasota.

According to, “Opportunity Funds promote investment in the development of low-income communities across the US, by offering investors federal tax advantages that are only available through the new Opportunity Zone program.”

In the simplest of terms, the government is providing tax breaks and incentives to investors in exchange for providing much-needed capital to low-income areas. The Oppor...

More Americans Are Moving South


People wanting to move to Florida is no big news to us locals, we see it every year. The season. The traffic. The tourism. It’s a part of life; it’s what keeps our economy strong and our roads paved. So, it really comes as no surprise that Americans who are moving out of state tend to be heading South, according to a new analysis by LendingTree, a loan information source.

After researching and analyzing more than 2 million new purchase mortgage loans to see where people are moving to and from, Florida is the winning destination. For movers relocating out of state, it was the top destination of 15 out of 50. We’re quite popular, aren’t we?

But we aren’t the on...


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