Master-planned Communities: Have You Heard?


Master-planned Communities: Have You Heard?

If you’re looking to purchase property in Florida and you haven’t heard of The West Villages or Lakewood Ranch (LWR), get with it, people! These two master-planned communities are neck and neck in the national real estate rankings.

The History…

The West Villages

Formerly Berry Ranch and Taylor Ranch, the land of West Villages was utilized to grow citrus, watermelon and for cattle ranching. The family owners dedicated themselves to responsible agricultural operations for more than 70 years. In 2014, a partnership that includes Mattamy Homes and locally-owned Vanguard Land, purchased the remaining land. Located between Venice an...

Sarasota Florida is the Fastest Growing Luxury Real Estate Market in the U.S.


It's no wonder that Sarasota, Florida has topped yet another list in the real estate market. This time, out of 91 major market segments across the U.S., Sarasota was named the fastest growing luxury market in their study. Think about that. What was once referred to as a "sleepy fishing village", has now made the list of the top fastest growing luxury markets in the United States.

Our next logical question we should ask is, why? Why is Sarasota, Florida so appealing to so many and where are these people coming from? According to, they are coming from the northeast. According to®, "Luxury prices in the Sunshine State are rising quickly as buyers from places like New...

Which Two Florida Cities are 2 of the Fastest Growing Suburbs in the U.S.?


Manifest Destiny...westward expansion. The sound of it just takes me back to those good 'ol days of my 7th-grade history class! You don't remember? In short, the "new" Americans were pulling their roots out of the more populated cities and towns of the east and moving west. Moving west in search of economic opportunity, land ownership...and freedom. It started small, but by 1840, nearly half (40%) of our nation's population lived in the trans-Appalachian west. The suburbs were getting busy! Fast forward to modern day America and it would appear as though we may have another expansion occurring. Only this time, Americans are heading south.

You don't have to live in Florida to know that Flori...

Florida GDP Hits $1 Trillion Mark

Florida becomes more and more of an economic powerhouse every year, being one of the ripest and most in-demand markets in the country, so it comes as no surprise that Friday, July 13th, Florida’s gross domestic product finally reached the $1 trillion mark. According to the state chamber, if Florida were an independent country, that amount of economic output would make the Sunshine State the world’s 17th largest economy, growing larger than Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Argentina’s. Although the number is high, this was to be expected, University of Central Florida economic analyst Sean Snaith said the state has been strong in all areas of employment.

This is really being d...

Florida- Top 5 Beach Towns

There’s very little in this world that is more appealing than the quaint and relaxing feel of a beach town. Nothing can quite compare to the salty charms of coastal living. With wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the crashing of blue waves onto sandy shores, what more could anyone possibly want? With warm weather year-round and a booming housing market, Florida coastal cities have become one of the most coveted and popular moving destinations. But between all the bountiful beach towns in the United States, which ones take the coastal crown?

A 2018 WalletHub study of 58 metrics ranging from housing costs to the share of waterfront homes and water quality has com...

Baby Boomers VS. Millennials

Whether or not you see millennials as relentless selfie takers with their noses in their phones or the next trailblazing generation of the modern age, there is no denying the economic importance and power millennials have over our planet. And that doesn’t just apply to the latest clothing trends and iPhones; they are becoming a serious market in both the real estate and business worlds.

Everyone from condo developers and landlords to media outlets and magazines have been racing for years now to obtain the attention and approval of the millennial generation. Millennials, those born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, aren’t the teen to young adult demographic you may be ima...

"Year-to-Date Home Sales are Strong in Sarasota and Manatee"

Sarasota and Manatee County has closed more home sales so far in 2018 than sales in January through May of 2017. Inventory is still tight and median prices continue to rise year-over-year. Overall, this month reports more closed sales and pending sales across the two counties. The two-county area reported 2,191 total closed sales, a one percent increase from May 2017. In the condo market, Sarasota sales increased by 6.4 percent to 452, while Manatee condo sales increased by 16.8 percent to 278. As for single-family homes, Manatee sales increased by 2.6 percent to 641, while Sarasota County decreased by 0.2 percent to 820.

The condo market in both counties has had an upward trend in pricing an...

Florida-Fastest Growing Luxury

It’s no secret that Florida has been experiencing a massive residential boom, the housing market is in high demand and shows no signs of slowing. According to the May 2018 Luxury Home Index from®, interest from potential home buyers in Northern states have pushed two Florida counties – Sarasota and Collier – to the top of the nations fastest growing housing markets.

This May, the top 5 percent of expensive home prices in Sarasota (North Port) and Collier (East Naples) counties grew by 19 and 14 percent. But not only are Sarasota and Collier seeing expansion, Broward County – home to Fort Lauderdale – grew 9 percent year over year. These numbers ar...

Closed and Pending Sales Increase in Residential Market

With consideration that it is only May of 2018, this two-county area has already closed on 5,015 properties which is a substantial increase from this time last year! While the inventory levels dropped during the month of March, the median prices only continue to rise. This past month has also shown pending sales increasing greatly with indicating more closed sales on the horizon. Altogether, the closed sales for single-family homes and condos have raised 2.3% with comparison to this time last year! The condominium market has had an improvement with sales with a 9.9% increase in Sarasota County and a 9.7% increase in Manatee County. On the other hand, single-family home sales have lowered abo...


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