8 Reasons Why Fall in Florida is the Best Time of Year

Although it’s not exactly the same scenery you’ll find in New England, Florida actually does experience a fall season (some areas more so than others). It’s not true that we can’t enjoy fall just because we live in Florida. The fall season in Florida goes beyond just changing leaves (or lack thereof):


1. We finally get a break from the lawnmower.

In fall, the grass finally stops growing like crazy, so you can finally miss a weekend without your yard turning into a jungle.

2. Temperatures may not fall much, but any little bit counts.

It's still pretty hot out during our fall season, but at least it becomes a little less humid, and you begin to see that cool weather is around the corner.

3. We may not have chilly fall weather, but we have everything else.

We are not above filling our homes with decorations and scented candles, purchasing pumpkin-spice-flavored everything, or turning the thermostat down so we can wear that cute fall outfit we bought. Floridians are always good at making things feel festive, regardless of the weather.


4. Manatees live in Florida year-round, but the best time to see them begins in the fall.

If you're hoping to see them up close or even swim with these gentle giants, the peak season is during colder months, officially November through March.

5. Folks who want to save money can start opening the windows and cutting off the A/C.

Maybe not quite yet, but hopefully, by late October, we'll have some cool breezes to look forward to.

6. Some of the country's best festivals are held in Florida in the fall.

Festivals!!! Summer is too hot for most events in Florida, but the fall time is just right. Just about every town in Florida has something awesome going on this time of year, so keep an eye out for local events.

7. It's finally getting cool enough that we can start enjoying the Great Outdoors again.

Florida has so many amazing parks to enjoy, but camping and hiking can be brutal in the summertime. In the fall, we can finally get back to enjoying nature again.


8. Stone Crab season starts again in the middle of October.

Our favorite Florida delicacy will soon be back on our plates again. We've been waiting since May to enjoy these again.

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