An Aquatic Conundrum - Part 2

or...Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool


Does the Pool Suit Your Lifestyle?

How often you use your pool is going to depend on whether you purchased a home with a pool or added it later to suit your needs. If you installed a lap pool with the intention of using it for exercise, but think it will double as a recreation area for a Sunday BBQ, you might be in for a surprise. Make certain you add on, or choose a pool that works best with your lifestyle. Who knows, maybe you are recovering from a car accident and have the funds to add a lap pool for therapy and general exercise there after. But, if it's not the right choice, your expensive swimming pool could easily turn into a large cement pond requiring regular maintenance.

You can always integrate the needs of the home to to the functionality of the pool. For homes with very little yard space, but a great view and multiple stories, you might decide to spend the high dollars to have the pool added to the structure of your home. A contractor would be able to advise on the best style of pool to enhance your home design, such as an elegant infinity edge pool. Don't rush this, deciding on the right style of pool for your lifestyle is a process.

Extras - "Cha-Ching"

This is a huge subject that ranges from the type of pool, to the filtration system, to the integration of the pool to your home. It's great that you've decided to go with an in-ground pool with the new purchase of your home, but what about features such as “pebble tec” blue stone, slate, or travertine? Do you want your pool to have a patio, or be surrounded by a beautiful lawn with flamboyant vegetation. You can also have the added features of solar panels to cut down your electric bill for cleaning and heating the water. Do you plan on doing late outdoor parties and have a need for flattering lighting?

Most of these decisions come later on once the pool is chosen, but know that you have these and a myriad of other options.


Of course another major consideration in your decision would be, what value does this addition bring to your home (or take a way). If properly cared for and set-up in an aesthetically pleasing manner, this outdoor utopia you have will add to the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

If you have a pool that has not been cared for properly and does not leave an appealing impression on people looking to purchase, you have just created a giant deterrent for potential buyers. When a pool is not properly cared for, it paints a negative picture of the homeowner. Inevitably, it poses the question, “If they didn’t care for the pool properly, what else is wrong with the house that I am not seeing?”

If you cut corners and had a low quality pool installation, you are going to have structural issues and this is going to hit the wallet hard. Make sure when purchasing a home with an existing pool that the pool is inspected to protect you from buying someone else’s problem.

A pool is not just a piece of furniture you decide to put into your home; it is a luxury expense that takes time and money to maintain and repair. Please understand that it is a hefty decision that should be carefully scrutinized. Also know that a pool can be a very pleasing luxury to have and can be the focal point of your backyard.

Now, before you simply tell your realtor or contractor that you just want an in-ground pool, do the research, decide on your budget, and know what you want and can afford. These little tidbits will keep you from purchasing a future headache and give you a greater understanding of what you really want. Don’t just settle for what might make you happy, but know that this rather expensive addition will make any future residents happy long after you've moved out. Until then, you and your family will ultimately get enjoyment out of this extra money spent.

If you have questions about how a pool can effect your home investment, or would like to tour some Sarasota homes with pools, please don't hesitate to contact us at (941) 284-4474 or toll free (941) 404-4737. One of our qualified agents will gladly get back to you.

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