Cost Efficient Upgrades to Your Luxury Home

When you are the owner of a luxury home, you are probably on the lookout for ways to increase the efficiency in your home without spending too much. By increasing your homes efficiency, you don’t just make it more affordable while living there, but also increase its overall value in case you wish to sell down the road.

There are some improvements that you can make that are surprisingly affordable and provide a much larger return on your intimal investment.

Smart Home System

Many new gadgets and devices are available to help provide your home with a smart upgrade. Doorbells can be used to show videos of those coming to your front door, as well as smarter garage door openers.

Thermostats are made to be more energy efficient and smart by allowing you to program your thermostat remotely or from home. They can help to increase the value of your home by adding in options that allow you to use less electricity and increase the efficiency throughout your home.

Upgrade Your Floors

This might not seem like an attractive option, but by changing up your floors, you can also help to increase your homes efficiency. Adding in additional insulation will help to reduce the flow of drafts throughout your home and use less heating during the cooler months.

Additionally, you can put in heated flooring in areas like the living room and kitchen which make a great amenity for cool mornings.

Add a Hot Tub

Maybe not an option for the best efficiency but it helps to provide you a much higher return on your investment by increasing your home’s value. The majority of above ground hot tubs can be installed relatively cheap, but they help to increase the attractiveness of your home.


Skylights are windows within your roof that allow the sun’s light to come into any room they are installed in. They help to brighten the look of your home and reduce your lighting bills in the process. Depending on the size and how many you are looking to install they can range anywhere from $500 to $4,000. It is best to get them installed with screens attached if you plan on opening them for some fresh air. This will help to keep any bugs and unwanted visitors from entering into your home through the skylight.


With a few upgrades you can increase your homes efficiency and your home value in no time at all. While a few of these upgrades are more upfront initially, they will save you money down the road and provide you with a larger return on your investment by increasing your homes resale value.

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