COVID-19 Shifts What Renters and Homeowners Are Looking For


For many, living in the city has been a necessity with most jobs and companies located in the big cities. This has been the hub for opportunities and networking, however, in recent months this has shifted entirely. The world changed so quickly and the needs and demands of society along with that. Suddenly, the whole world was quarantined and told to social distance. We packed our bags, left the office and began to work from home indefinitely. Many of the people have been left suffering, locked in their city apartments with no space or place to go outdoors. Everyone is compacted together in a small area spreading the virus even more hastily, as seen in New York. What once was a vibrant place full of late night excitement, bars, clubs, and social networking opportunities to climb the career ladder has become the opposite. Many are now left wondering if it is worth paying the high rent cost and taxes. Companies like twitter are giving their employees the opportunity to work from home forever if they choose which means for many individuals and families this opens the horizon endlessly for new places to live. Some of the more rural cities are seeing an increase in home buying activity as much as twice the year before. As less and less people see the value of living in the city while they work from home in cramped city apartments they are looking beyond to bigger homes with a large yard to relax in. Many still want to keep their city presence and are renting in the city and buying in the country. For a lot of people who were on the fence about buying a home in the countryside, once the pandemic hit their decision to have a home with expansive land and amenities such as a pool became solidified. Places like Sarasota are high on the list for those city-dwellers buying their second home. Sarasota is well known for having some of the best beaches in the country and is the perfect getaway place in the times we are living. The most popular areas in the city being Siesta Key, Casey Key, Lido Key, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island. Each area is right on the beach and offers something unique with world-class dining and beaches. What people want right now is fresh air to breath, large office space and a yard for their children to play in. As this trend takes over many of the smaller cities are in a real estate boom!

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