Goat Yoga is Taking Over Sarasota


We are seeing many bizarre trends becoming increasingly popular from avocado bars, unicorn toast, lattes, and to the latest: goat yoga! Various, new and improved yoga classes have been sweeping across the nation but nothing as weird and wonderful as stretching with goats. The idea for goat yoga began in Portland, Oregan and it has continued to grow. In fact, it has become so popular it is now an international hit, with farms all over the world now offering yoga classes with goats. Goats are very friendly and enjoy to nuzzle and engage with humans!


It's a therapeutic and fun way to exercise, though for most it becomes a petting session instead of a workout. The trend hit Sarasota when operations manager, Christa Leonard of Geraldson Community Farm saw how popular they were becoming in Portland and decided they should try it out. She said, ’It's a great way to fundraise for the non-profit farm, especially in the summer months.’ The class has become hugely popular amongst Sarasota residents and is held monthly, always with a complete sell-out.

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