Hidden Florida Treasure: Devil's Den


Florida is not short of entertaining sites to visit and explore; from its world renowned beaches like that of Siesta Key Beach, featuring its soft rose quartz sand, all the way to the splendors across the coast, home to the world renowned amusement park, Disney Land. But Florida is also brimming with pre-historic history and a stunning natural landscape, offering some of the world’s most amazing springs. Devil’s Den Springs is a privately owned and operated SCUBA diving training and recreational facility located in Williston, Florida and it must not be missed. The spring features an exposed subterranean river with crystal clear blue water in an underground cave. Light shines through an opening from above giving divers full view of the vibrant blue water and pre-historic rock formations. Tiny little fish dance around you as you dive into the depths of this incredibly magical spring. The water takes a bit of warming up to and can come as a bit of a shock at first for many, but once you dive in the splendors are worth it all! The water temperature remains at a constant 72F the entire year causing it steam up during the winter months reminding early settlers of a chimney to Hell as steam billows from the opening to the underworld. Hence, where it get its name from, Devil’s Den. In addition to its beauty, uncovered beneath its depth are some of the remains of prehistoric mammals from before the Ice Age; among them include mastadons, ground sloths, camels, horses, dire wolves, bog lemmings, Florida spectacled bears, saber-toothed cats and even human remains dating back to about 7,500BC! This spring offers an amazing opportunity for residents and travelers to learn more about Florida’s natural history while also enjoying its unique beauty.

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