Home-luxe Makeover Tips


Home-luxe Makeover Tips

Living in luxury style consists of just a few basic rules to remember. Here are 5 inspirational tips to help you makeover your home that mimic award-wining magazine photo shoots and provide you with that extra spark of style!

  1. Neutral Wins Every Time

Remember that the best-in-style homes are decorated with three classic colors: white, taupe, and light grey; with shades of white intertwined as well. The reason for this is that neutral colors provide peace and calm to a space, which essentially then creates harmony throughout the home. For instance, if you use taupe on taupe in your living room, then the room will appear serene and well-designed. Your guests will be impressed with this chic living space.

  1. A Splash of Color

Your budget doesn’t have to be enormous to have A-list decor. By utilizing a combination of high-end and low-end decor prices, your home will feel luxe in an instant. Remember to use a a splash of bold color with artwork, rugs or furniture. The trick is to balance the bold colors with the neutrals so that your home looks stylish. Use the textures and patterns of some eye-catching and accessories, such as vases, sculptures, ottomans or pillows to give your home a splash of color. Keep your furniture plush and include some colored, eclectic stemware in your home bar. However, walls and floors should remain neutral in color.

  1. Maintain a Couture Closet

If you have had a look at a typical luxury home closet, you’ll notice that it is supremely organized. You can easily achieve this type of organization. Start by creating closet zones and separate your clothes into three categories: work, after-work and casual (or, whichever categories apply to your lifestyle). Further separate these three categories into subcategories: dresses, pants, tops, accessories, and undergarments. Then, organize your clothes according to color and season. Incorporating shelves into your closet will keep your shoes organized and keep things looking closet chic!

  1. Personal Space Styling

Personal space will be imperative in your luxe-home makeover, however, this area does not need to be expansive. All you need is a peaceful place where you can relax. Your calm space can be in your bedroom, home office, garden, bathroom or elsewhere. Fill the space with up with your personality - from colors to accessories. Take it a step further and create daily rituals whereby you can tap into your personality and potential simultaneously. Perhaps a secluded space to binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows?

  1. Clutter-Free is Classy

Clutter-free is the epitome of class. Learn to let go of things that you don’t need. In the long run, you will effortlessly achieve that luxe home vibe. Don’t forget your clutter-free garage space as well. Yes, that area is important to keep free of messes!

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