How To Attract A Luxury Florida Home Buyer

When a luxury Buyer is Home shopping, their wants and needs will be different than the average consumer. In most cases, money is not the factor or the primary focus. Most Luxury Buyers are using Cash or Investment lines of credit to purchase the home.

What is a “Luxury Buyer?”

Florida LUXURY Real Estate Buyers tend to be self-made, and they own approximately four homes each. Their primary Florida Home is typically worth $9 or $10 million! It is a fact that wealthy people have significantly increased over the last few years. The number of wealthy people has almost DOUBLED within the past 5 years in Sarasota alone. Not to mention, those at the top tier above the wealthy has increased by 53%. Rich people are wealthier than ever. So, when you are a Florida Home SELLER, make sure your home has these features to attract these Luxury Buyers!

1. Renovations
No wealthy home buyer wants to renovate the house they are going to buy. Make sure you are offering them “MOVE-IN Ready” Homes that are updated.

2. Technology
Make sure the home has the latest technology in terms of security, sound system, and home monitoring. This is a very important if you want to attract a wealthy Sarasota buyer.

3. Size Matters
Not all wealthy people want really big houses. They want a stylish home that can fit all of their needs and preferences.

4. Bonus Rooms & Features
When it comes to Florida Luxury Real Estate, buyers are looking for private gyms, sound systems, some theatres, saunas, pools, outdoor entertaining space & for the boaters, water access!

5. Stunning Views
Of course, the home most likely will need to have a great view, preferably to the water. I mean, they are purchasing a Luxury Home in Florida!

6. Private Bathroom Space
The master bathroom is an important attribute that Luxury Buyers look for. Preferably a Luxury walk-in shower stall, soaking tub and dual vanities.

7. Private Cellars
For the wine enthusiast, a luxury home would need to be equipped with a proper wine cellar or at least a separate space in the kitchen which has temperature controlled storage.

8. History
People want their house to have an interesting story that they can share. Unique property characteristics are appealing to the luxury buyer. Hand painted tiles, or original frescoes will attract their attention and draw them to your home.


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