More Americans Are Moving South


People wanting to move to Florida is no big news to us locals, we see it every year. The season. The traffic. The tourism. It’s a part of life; it’s what keeps our economy strong and our roads paved. So, it really comes as no surprise that Americans who are moving out of state tend to be heading South, according to a new analysis by LendingTree, a loan information source.

After researching and analyzing more than 2 million new purchase mortgage loans to see where people are moving to and from, Florida is the winning destination. For movers relocating out of state, it was the top destination of 15 out of 50. We’re quite popular, aren’t we?

But we aren’t the only state seeing an influx in residents, Texas is also one of the top destinations for people relocating from other states. Not only that, but Texas had the highest percentage of residents looking to move while remaining within state lines. It is a big state, after all.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Alaska was the state that had the most residents looking to move away. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the cold though, right? But where are they going? The study found the top destination for those leaving Alaska is Washington state.

But as far as moving goes, many Americans who do choose to move out of their state don’t tend to go very far. More than half of the most popular relocation states border the person’s current state.

Overall, it seems that many people just want to get out of the cold and into fairer weather, while some are simply moving a few states over. But at the end of the day, I think we can all agree; who wouldn’t want to live in Florida?




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