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Sarasota County has been in the lists of fast-growing areas for the past few years with the rapid growth, and the increase in population due to the steady development activities carried out. In the most recent researches, it ranked as number 11 in America’s 20 Fastest-Growing Urban areas, showing signs that it will snatch a spot in the top 10 very soon. From mid-2014 to mid-2015 statistics show that the population shows a growth rate of 2.7% with an estimated number of people surpassing 20,000. There are new construction sites for apartments which are flourishing all over the county, making Sarasota Real Estate industry one of the hottest around the area.

Within the last few years, there was a large influx of people who moved to this warm and beautiful state from all over America. Florida boasts of 6 out of 20 fastest growing areas throughout the country. It is the most number of areas belonging to one state in the list. Other metropolitan areas which made the list include Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Orlando Naples, and The Villages, a retirement community north of Orlando. With rapid growth, it is always natural to face a few issues in whichever the subject. Even in this beautiful county, there are a few issues which might be addressed.

According to the administration of Sarasota County, they are booming with development, making it one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in. Home to the popular Sarasota Orchestra and the Sarasota Music Festival which attracts music lovers from all over the country, Sarasota is a valuable cultural attraction for many locals and tourists alike. Local migration to this city is reported to show a rapid growth during the past year, making Sarasota Real Estate one of the booming industries in the area. More than the youngsters, the local migrants have observed to be retirees, since this state is far friendlier to them than many others.

The administration of the city is supporting the new development projects largely. Within the last year, they have issued a record number of permits for new buildings. There are 1,700 new apartments in construction in downtown Sarasota, which makes it a dream of a Sarasota Realtor. The climate in this serene county is very mild even in winter, and that is a huge reason for people to move in here from many other areas with harsh winters. According to the census, the most people who move here are hailed from other states.

Moving to a Sarasota home leaving where you grew up aside can be a tough decision, but with the new titles and additions to in and around Sarasota, it is the ideal play for your next move.

If you're interested in calling Sarasota "home" or have questions about this booming city, please contact Team Coffey & Co. today!

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