Sarasota – The New Top Spot for Retirement


As of June, 2016, the beautiful city of Sarasota which has its location on the West Coast of Florida has become the most preferred destination for people who wish to retire. Asheville used to be the former top of the list but for the first time in 9 years, its title has been claimed by the vibrant city of Sarasota. And, if we have to be completely honest, there are a lot of perfectly good reasons for it. Of course, the contest for the top spot was close, but Sarasota managed to pull ahead.

Why is Sarasota a Preferred Destination?

The truth is that the city is one of the two major cultural capitals of the popular state of Florida. The other is, of course, the famous city of Miami. However, Sarasota has been built through the philanthropy of the Ringling Brothers Circus as well as other incredibly generous benefactors. It has incredibly rich cultural institutions, and Downtown Sarasota is without a doubt a preferred destination for many people in the local communities. Furthermore, there are various perks which make this city a go-to choice for people who have already or are about to take the step towards retirement.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that the city of Sarasota is capable of providing the perfect environment for people who are well past their prime and are seeking for a place to spend their older years in peace. However, it’s also worth noting that apart from being overly calm, Sarasota is filled with things to keep you interested. It has pristine and lovely beaches as well as tropical barrier islands to spend your weekends at. What is more, the city has fascinating urban neighborhoods which are home to incredibly successful and intelligent people, assuring the overall spirit of the place.

Sarasota Luxury Homes – A Thing to Admire

It’s also worth noting that the city of Sarasota is without a doubt filled with incredibly luxurious real estate which is definitely capable of capturing your attention. This is also another thing which makes the city so attractive for people who wish to retire. At this point of their lives, people tend to have a lot of money set aside, and they could easily invest in Sarasota Luxury Homes in order to ensure the stability and the calmness of their older years. In any case, you might want to take a look at our website as we have an array of properties to offer if you’ve thought about or decided to move to the city of Sarasota.

If you have questions about the Manatee or Sarasota real estate market and what 2016 could have in store for you, simply contact Team Coffey & Co. today!

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