Sarasota: A Great Destination for Remote Workers!


Sarasota: A Great Destination for Remote Workers!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused major lifestyle shifts for all of us. With record numbers of businesses transitioning to work from home formats, employees are now free to work remotely from wherever they choose.

So, what kind of place are they looking for- and what kind of things will appeal to remote workers in particular? It turns out, Sarasota is just the right fit to fulfill all you need for a happy, healthy, remote working life.

An unassuming gem along the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota is the best-kept secret in the country. From the climate to the people to the local amenities, Sarasota, Florida is the perfect destination for remote workers. It’s no wonder that people are flocking to this southwestern Florida city to soak in the sun and sea.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 reasons Sarasota is a great destination for remote workers.

1. The Climate

The perpetual sunshine of this Gulf Coast city just cannot be beat. For remote workers, exposure to natural sunlight is essential to leading a productive, focused, happy working life. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps boost productivity and decrease fatigue.

Taking a break from the computer screen to look out into the sunshine can help improve your vision and ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. And that Florida sunshine will fill you with mood-enhancing Vitamin D, which works like a natural antidepressant. Plus, exposure to abundant natural sunlight can help you regulate your sleep cycle. Which is extra important when you are maintaining your own daily schedule as a remote worker.

2. Work From Home- At the Beach

With competitively affordable home prices, Sarasota offers all the benefits of a beach vacation, with the added perk that you can actually work at home and then relax on the beach within minutes of closing down the laptop.

One of the best things about working remotely in Sarasota are the private beach clubs. Pick a table with views of the waves and enjoy the comfort and convenience of working in a club. With high speed Wi-fi and endless coffee, these clubs provide the ideal work away from home space, with the luxurious benefit of being right on the beach.

3. Stay Active!

Daily exercise should be a significant part of every remote worker’s routine, and with nearly 40 miles of gorgeous beaches in Sarasota County, there is no end to the enjoyable outdoor activities you can engage in. Studies show that some of our best ideas come to us while we exercise, as our brains keep working on solving work-related problems in the background during those physically engaged tasks.

From jogging along the sandy shores to playing a game of beachside volleyball or pickleball, or taking a dip in the stunning turquoise water that is warm all year round, there are plenty of ways to get active after those long hours of working at the computer screen.

Plus, in the nearby lagoons, you can try adventurous outdoor activities like walking through the 64-foot-tall canopy trail that winds throughout Myakka River State Park. Rent a kayak or try stand-up paddle boarding and you can explore the natural beauty of the mangrove tunnels at the Lido Key. Or head back to the beach to go parasailing; a new activity that will really help you make the most of your downtime.

4. Local Culture

Sarasota is rich with natural beauty and enough outdoor activities to keep any remote worker active and happy. But this city, sometimes known as the Circus Capital of the World, also offers an abundance of cultural landmarks sure to keep remote workers inspired.

There are plenty of activities to try and sites to see in Sarasota. During your remote work lunch break, you can visit literary landmarks and appreciate the grand public art pieces throughout the city. Or investigate the history of the circus in Sarasota. This sunny Florida destination was once the winter home of the world-renowned Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus, and the artistic scene of the city reflects this curious history. John Ringling acquired a massive collection of international art pieces that has since become the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, open to the public.

Go for a refreshing cultural dip into the history and art of the place and return to your ideal remote work space with even greater concentration and a reinvigorated mindset.

5. Fine Dining

Sarasota can boast some of the best in Gulf Coast cuisine- and any busy remote worker knows that experiencing the local delicacies is one of the best parts of working remotely. Locally sourced ingredients and al fresco dining put plenty of Sarasota restaurants on the map with enticing, fresh, original cuisine.

Refreshing ceviche, killer barbecue, and mouthwatering dishes featuring fresh fish catches of the day will be more than enough to fortify any hardworking employee. And for extra relaxation, the seaside restaurants, bars, and cafes offer inventive cocktails, especially frozen margaritas and daiquiris, so you can enjoy your weekends as much as your weeknight evenings.

Working and Living in Sarasota

Since its neighboring Floridian cities, like Miami and Orlando, are better known, Sarasota remains a hidden gem. But this well-kept secret will be out before too long, as remote workers move here to enjoy its stunning beaches, powdery-soft sand, breathtaking sunsets, and lively cultural scene. The city offers plenty of places to work, and plenty of places to play when the workday is through.

With all the cosmopolitan appeal of a big urban city combined with the cozy familiarity and welcoming attitude of a small-town beach hamlet, Sarasota really provides the best of all possible worlds. And with affordable housing prices, this diverse Florida city provides the perfect landing point for remote workers eager to explore their surroundings, from the mainland all the way out to the islands.

Article by: Victoria Standridge

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