Siesta Beach Rated #1 by Dr. Beach


Sarasota has had an excellent start of the year from being rated #1 Beach in America on TripAdvisor to its mentioned in Vogue as “Florida’s Best Kept Secret.” Once again Siesta has landed itself on front page news as Dr. Stephen Leatherman, aka “Dr. Beach,” has rated it the best beach in America!

“Siesta Beach boasts that it has the finest, whitest sand in the world, which attracts sand collectors and beach lovers from all over,” says Dr. Beach in a statement. “Siesta Beach is not only a beautiful location for beachgoers, but it is also an environmentally healthy beach and offers first-rate beach safety for its visitors.”

Siesta beach is stunning with its turquoise blue waters, soft rose quartz sands and the best sunsets. However, not only is the beach itself splendid, but Siesta Village has a lot to offer with an abundance of seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, Sarasota’s favorite yogurt shop, SunniBunni, and so much more. It's relaxed atmosphere is the quintessential coastal living.

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