The Future of Home Building


Environmentally friendly living has become a frequent topic of discussion as we become more aware of the damaging affects we have on our environment. Steps are being taken to discover alternative energy methods and more sustainable living. So where does this take us for home building? Many are experimenting with ways to enhance architecture to work better with the environment. Solar energy has risen in popularity but some ‘out of the box’ ideas are being tested upon right now! Living Architecture is developing construction bricks composed of biofilm that can harness solar energy, wastewater, and air pollution, and turn them into usable resources. They call them Living Bricks which fit together to create ‘bioreactor walls’ that can be programmed to perform all sorts of functions. The idea of Living Bricks is to transform homes and office buildings with a more sustainable approach to construction and building functions. Concepts like this are sprouting up all over the place with scientists, engineers and designers looking into more efficient ways of living.

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