The Importance of Staging Your Home


The Importance of Staging Your Home

Often people will believe they can look past clutter and mess but when they step into a home after viewing houses all day this can make or break a deal. Buyers need to be shown how the house can function for them. Bad decor, wrong paint colors, and clutter can completely devalue the home. Most buyers will be put off by seeing the potential of copious amounts of repairs that must be done, even if only small as most have busy schedules and know they won’t have the time to repair all the problems. They are also aware that they are spending a lot of money and if they see a home that needs a lot of work they will likely move on to the next one or ask for a price reduction. Creating ambiance and positive atmosphere is crucial to selling your home at its proper value. Which is why having a professional stager is incredibly beneficial. Stagers try and work with elements you’re home already has in order to keep the cost down, the main aspect is to depersonalize and de-clutter. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home and having personal items i.e. family photos, mail lying about, laundry, etc. this will take away from that imagery. Professional stagers have a special eye as to how furniture should be placed in order to maximize space and light. It’s best for the palette to remain neutral so often walls will be painted and then some new accessories and furniture will be added in to finesse the space. By the end your space should appear warm, welcoming and clean so the buyer can picture themselves living in it. Depending on how much you would like to spend is how dramatic your house staging can appear, there are companies that will let you rent out furniture for your house on a monthly basis. This can get costly but offers the “wow” factor and incredibly lucrative if your home sells quickly! However, most are happy with repairing, cleaning, organizing and cost effective styling that makes your home impeccable!

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