The Top Luxury Design Trends of 2019


Time to welcome 2019 with the latest design trends. The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing has predicted the design colors, patterns and building trends they feel will make a statement this year. They have also provided tips, suggestions and guidelines on how to implement the latest trends in your home.

1. First, let’s start with colors, which are bright, colorful, and very Florida-friendly.

If you like coral, you’re love Pantone’s newest version called, Living Coral (Pantone #16-1546), which they have labeled as the 2019 color of the year. They describe it as, “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge,”. It’s a gorgeous shade that brightens your room as well as your mood. It’s fun, energetic and works well as that “pop” of color to play with your ocean tones.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints has chosen, Night Watch Green (PPG1145-7) as their color of the year. This deep, rich green is a modern take on hunter green and ironically pairs very well with Living Coral. As it’s a darker color, it’s recommended on the walls of a bedroom, study, living room, or sitting area.

Finally, Millennial Pink continues to be popular amongst decorators. describes it as, “It’s sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.” The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing recommends using Millennial Pink as an accent to Living Coral or Night Watch Green.

2. Patterns are not going away any time soon.

Maybe it’s our bold personalities, maybe it’s watching too many videos of Jason Momoa but we love tribal! Geometric and tribal patterns have become a staple in creating an eye-catching design or showcasing a feature of the home. We love accenting with dramatic patterns on our pillows, curtains, furniture or accent walls.

3. Mid-century modern and terrazzo floors.

Remember the “cheap terrazzo” you couldn’t wait to cover with beyond expensive tile? We hate to break the news, but terrazzo is back with a vengeance. For those unfamiliar with this mid-century modern classic, terrazzo is a composite of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass bound together and used as flooring. It’s a brilliant way to repurpose and a cost-effective way to add color to your kitchen, bathroom counter or floor.

4. Speaking of bold, how about bohemian?

When done by a professional, bohemian can look like an absolute masterpiece. It’s created by combining bold colors with statement pieces, and both vintage and modern decor. It’s a cluster. However, when done well, it creates a creative sense of whimsy throughout your home.

5. Statement ceilings, we all love them!

Without question, high ceilings make a statement. We love them. Tall ceilings can make the same home with the same decor absolutely amazing. They make a statement all on their own, but if you want to enhance it, feel free to add a little paint, lacquer, wallpaper, custom molding, or even molded tin. The options are truly endless.

6. Agate wallpaper, yes, wallpaper.

Wallpaper has come a long way and is back on the rise. Agate wallpaper is unique as it offers a beautiful marbling pattern to emit a sense of serenity and relaxation. It’s available in a multitude of shades, patterns and styles.

Whether you’re looking for a home furnished with the latest trends, or a blank canvas for you to design the home of your dreams, we can help. For information on the real estate market in Southwest Florida, contact us directly at or 941.404.4737.

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