U.S. World's Most Popular Choice for Foreign Real Estate


According to the latest annual survey by the Association of Foreign Investors the U.S. is the world’s most popular choice for foreign real estate capital. An overwhelming 95% of respondents to the AFIRE survey said they planned to increase or maintain their level of U.S. investment, and 66% said their sentiment was unchanged or more optimistic about the prospect for US real estate. It is considered a safe haven for capital and U.S. property market fundamentals are strong. Although there are some factors which bring uncertainty such as the strength of the dollar making it more expensive and difficult as well as the political uncertainty. Washington D.C. has also dropped on the survey of top cities as a global destination but other U.S. cities are standing strong with New York taking the lead as the world’s top city for foreign capital, its third year in a row; Los Angeles and San Francisco in the top five. The Middle East and Asia are becoming top investors into the real estate market with China coming in second to Canada as greatest investors of commercial property in the U.S. Only time will tell as we begin the New Year but it’s safe to say America remains a hot spot internationally and will continue to do so.

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