Virtual Real Estate- Changes to the Industry Due to Covid-19


The world is swiftly changing, with the rise of new technology and a global pandemic, industries all over the world are forced to change their current systems in place. It truly is a time of out with the old and in with the new, and the real estate industry is no exception. The companies who will remain on top will be the ones who can adapt quickly and efficiently to the changes. Keller Williams prides itself on being at the forefront of the newest in technology, regularly working with top tech companies to build more apps and programs to sell your home faster using the most innovative technology. Even before the pandemic, real estate companies have been pushed to work more virtually as online sales have taken over the market. Newest technologies such as KW Command, My KW, a KW App personizable app for buyers/sellers too use directly on their phone. Today, it is a fact that many people will see a home online and will purchase without ever stepping foot into the home. This is why, sharing the most optimal photos and virtual content of your home is so crucial to selling. The pandemic has pushed this importance of virtual selling even further. As social distancing rules become the norm, realtors will have to go fully virtual- from virtual open houses to guided walk throughs of your home. To put your mind at ease, this will not stop the selling of your home, it just means putting even more emphasis into online marketing and working with realtors and companies who know this system best. Many realtors and companies have already grown used to this changing world and implement amazing strategies to getting your home sold all using virtual content. To name a few strategies that we use, keep reading below!

Virtual Walk-Throughs and Open Houses:

Zoom, Facetime, Instagram Live Feeds are great tools to connect with buyers virtually and to show off your home. In fact these are not new technologies and are used fairly regularly with so many home buyers living internationally! Majority of clients live out of state and country and often do not have the opportunity to physically look at homes. Now with the social distancing rules this will be the safest way to interact with all buyers who want to tour your home and stay safe! This will include Zoom Open Houses where a number of people can sign up to visit your home along with Live Feed videos shared to social media accounts!

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Coffey Group Fine Homes International with Keller Williams has been implementing the use of matterport video in all of our real estate marketing since before the pandemic. This tool will become even more valuable as social distancing rules are the norm.

Click the HERE to view an example

High Quality Photos and Videos:

All photos and videos of your house should be of the highest quality. These photos and videos will be a huge selling factor virtually for your home- not to take lightly! Virtual video tours can also be made of pre-construction homes to give you an idea of what your home will look like before it’s built or to stage your home with designs! Coffey Group Fine Homes International has even given virtual reality a try, allowing buyers to fully immerse themselves into what their future home will look like before it is even built! This tool allows you to literally walk around and feel like you are really there in the imagined space.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

These tools to name just a few of the most popular platforms, can share all the videos and photos presented of your home, accessing thousands of people across the world who are looking to buy a home. Many of these platforms allow live feed so a realtor can be sharing your home while they are there. Follow our instagram page to get a good idea of how we use instagram stories and IGTV @thecoffeygroup

KW Command

One of the newest platforms from KW, this tool is so useful in many ways. “KW Command is a real estate application available for the 180,000+ agents that are part of the Keller Williams’ family. This centralized environment covers everything a Keller Williams agent needs to optimize, manage, and run your real estate business with unprecedented simplicity and insight, inside Keller Cloud. Realtors can manage their calendar, inbox, pipeline, real estate contacts and business goals in an easy-to-use platform.”

KW Phone App

The KW app is the first of its kind, it is a personalizable app that allows consumers to view their neighborhood and gain insights they never had before. It really is a huge game changer in the industry. To download the app, click here


Social distancing won’t stop your house from closing! To sign contracts, you can e-meet on zoom, google hangouts and share documents through google drive and e-sign! There is no necessity to meet in person and this keeps everyone safe and efficient during these times!

It is uncertain times we are living in and many challenges have been thrown our way but there is no reason to stop your home from selling during the pandemic or to find your dream home at this time. Since even before the pandemic, it has been crucial that realtors maximise online technology as much as possible as the internet and social media have become the prime ways to market your home. KW is one of the leading companies on consumer technology within real estate and is truly changing the industry as we know it.

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