What is Everyone Saying About Venice's Reputation?

Venice, Florida has two reputations; one is for being known as the biggest "little" city on Florida's Gulf Coast. The city is also known as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World”. The young families and retirees, who move to Venice, love that there is a rich history of kids going to the beaches to find shark teeth. Also if you are looking for a monetary return on investment for moving to Venice, you will be glad to know that these shark teeth can be sold for up to $300.

Beyond its pretty beaches Venice has a lot more to offer due to its reputation for being a big little city. Many entrepreneurs, artist’s, and live event companies look to Venice to host their Florida events. A great example would be the upcoming (October 8Th) “Sleuthfest” produced by the organization Mystery Writers of America. This one day event will have panels on the craft of writing, details of publishing and offer sessions with publication agents. “Sleuthfest” is only a sliver of the offerings of what there is to do in Venice; another example would be TNA wrestling, one of the largest wrestling companies in America, routinely brings events to Venice every year.

The eclectic events that contribute to the culture of Venice, is why the homes here are sought after young families and retirees. In fact Venice often tops the magazine and website lists of places to retire, just Google Venice, Florida and you will see the hundreds of articles and listicles written about moving to Venice.

Venice, Florida is a big little city, but more than that it is a great place to call home. Many “snowbirds” come here during the winter months, in fact we have a large segment of our population that still calls places like Pittsburgh and New York City, home, during the summer months. If you are a retiree, or someone originally from the east coast, chances are you might bump into someone in town that you already know.

If you are wondering about where to move, Venice, Florida, is clearly the best pick for you.

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