Who Are the Key Players in a Home Renovation?

Who Are the Key Players in a Home Renovation?


If you’ve decided to renovate your home, chances are you have at least an idea of the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re upgrading the kitchen, bathroom, or adding a patio, you may have played out every inch of the remodel in your head. Or you may only know the general style and function you would like your home to offer. Either way, to get the best results for your money, it’s critical that you have a solid team on your side.

Bad renovations not only can cost you a lot of money up front, but they can also hurt your prospects and resale value if you ever choose to sell your home. Whether you’re selling your home with The Coffey Group or planning to age in place, you need the best professionals you can find performing your remodeling projects. We’ve provided some information and advice on four professionals that can make your reno dreams come true: an architect, general contractor, interior designer, and landscaper.

The Architect

Architects are not cheap. But if your remodeling project calls for the expertise of an architect, it’s much better to hire one rather than skimp and get bad results. If you’re changing the layout of your home, adding rooms, or knocking out walls, you’ll probably need an architect. Moving gas lines or plumbing also calls for an architect, as do any modifications that the Department of Buildings will need to sign off on.

If possible, find an architect that has experience with building info modeling (BIM). These days, a lot of architects use BIM because it generally leads to higher quality work and a faster design process. If you have trouble finding such an architect locally, turn to online job platforms. There are a plethora of freelancers who specialize in BIM services and can provide you with a model of your home. And you can compare reviews, costs, and delivery times as you decide between candidates.

The Contractor

If you’re doing any kind of major remodeling, you’ll need a general contractor. Your contractor will oversee all the construction work done on your home. Along with ensuring the job is done to your satisfaction, a qualified contractor can provide you with advice on design details, what materials to use, and much more. Make sure any candidate you’re considering has a valid license and insurance.

The Interior Designer

When it comes to getting the most out of your home’s interior, an interior designer is a must. A good designer will have a knack for traffic flow, lighting, and space. They will be able to help you choose the best color schemes, finishes, and furniture styles for each room. And they’ll be able to work within your budget to acquire the perfect materials, appliances, and fixtures. Working with a design firm can make your renovation easier because many of them provide design, construction, and management project services all in one package.

The Landscaper

The interior of your home isn’t all that matters. In fact, if you plan on selling, boosting curb appeal is a great idea. That’s where a landscaper comes in. A qualified landscaper can beautify the exterior of your property in many different ways. They can plant trees, design gardens, install lights, design structures, and much more. If your home needs some “wow” added on the outside, find a reputable landscaper for the job.

Taking on renovations is an excellent way to add appeal and value to your home. Just make sure you build a good team around you. Depending on the scope of your remodeling projects, you may need to find an experienced architect, general contractor, interior designer, and/or landscaper. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your dreams are in the hands of trusted professionals.

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Article by: Suzie Wilson

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