Yoga On The Beach: Just One Of The Benefits Of Living In Siesta Key

Are you in the need to relax your nerves? On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays there are free yoga classes on Siesta Key Beach, open to anyone and everyone who wishes to join! What better way to relax then to start your morning on the beautiful soft white sand of Siesta Key Beach, with the sound of waves and the salty sea air. It is taught by an instructor, Ava who has been teaching yoga for over 35 years.

She specializes in the more traditional style of yoga called Hatha yoga. According to studies exercising outdoors has many positive effects on the body that working indoors cannot provide. Ava says, “Is it any wonder that we feel so good after our yoga classes on the beach, not only are we exercising outdoors but we are doing it on a crystal bed of sand, while breathing in fresh sea air and being super charged with sunshine and invisible energetic ions coming off the surf of the Gulf of Mexico. There is simply nowhere else I would rather be.”

In addition, the sand of Siesta Beach is said to have healing powers for both physical and mental well-being, as the sand is made of 99.9% quartz. This is what makes it appear so white. And because of the way the crystals have been worn down, the sand is exceptionally soft. Quartz crystal is a natural conductor of energy and many healers choose Siesta Beach as the site for meditation events because of the energy they feel is concentrated there.

If you are interested in joining yoga on the beach, check out Ava’s blog for more information:


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