Your Sarasota Home Sweet Home

How do you know when you have finally found “the one”? There are many different questions you have to ask yourself when looking to make your next home purchase. It really comes down to what kind of lifestyle you live, or plan to live, during the time you will reside in your new location. To begin with you must look at the way you will be living the next stage of your life and what home style you ultimately feel will be the best fit. Whether you’re seeking a retirement home, somewhere to start a family, earn extra income by renting it out or having a vacation home to run off to – you have to narrow your home ownership focus. Of course you would love to be able to find that ‘perfect home’ meeting and exceeding all of your expectations with the perfect clearance price tag attached. But you also have to realize that a large part of your lifestyle is directly linked to your budget. This is where compromise comes into play and letting go of some of the luxury expectations such as purchasing a waterfront home or being able to pay the fees at your favorite golf community can be a little difficult. This is why I would recommend seeking the assistance of a licensed professional who knows the area you’re interested in, especially if you’re purchasing out of state. Being able to speak with a professional about your needs will save you time, headaches and probably money.

Get Advice From A Professional

When you find a quality real estate agent they will have the necessary tools, local knowledge and professional experience to review your home buying expectations and to help deliver the best results. With the tools available to them your REALTOR® can tell you what’s currently available on the market, give you an idea what you can expect to pay in terms of fair market value and if any compromises need to be made to more closely match your budget. The responsibility of your REALTOR® is to fully represent you as their client, to provide quality service, protection and to deliver accurate advice. I strongly advise that you do your homework diligently to ensure you find the real estate agent best qualified to represent you. Once you’ve outlined your expectations your agent will then be able to do the research to help match your individual home criteria including:

• Number of Bedrooms

• Number of Bathrooms

• Price Range

• School District

• Maintenance Free Communities

• Private Pool

• Lot Size

• Neighborhood

• Boat Dock On-Site

• Pets Allowed

• Deed Restrictions

• Etcetera

This will save a lot of time and ease the frustrations of having to do the research yourself. You don’t want to find your dream home and then learn too late the community has pet restrictions or other issues.

Determine Your Preferences In Advance

Analyzing your expectations and then selecting the homes actually worth looking at can be both exciting and tiring. You don’t want to waste your time visiting properties that don’t accurately reflect your needs. Do you have kids andSearching For A New Home therefore require a good school district? Do you have dogs needing a fenced in yard to run in? Do you have a boat and if so can you afford a community with a boat ramp? Ask yourself what features your home must have to fully satisfy your lifestyle needs – today and for the foreseeable future. Once you identify the basic needs and wants of your next home it’s time to do the research to actually find the properties meeting those requirements (hopefully with a luxury or two thrown in for good measure). Once the research is complete and you’ve narrowed your results to a manageable list it’s time to see the homes in person.

The on-site visits will quickly show you just how accurate the information and photos you’ve found were. When seeing these homes in person envision what life would be like on a daily basis. Maybe you’re thinking about moving into your first condo and need to take a moment to realize that riding in an elevator will be part of your daily routine. Maybe the home you’ve found has an in-ground swimming pool and that you will now have to learn how to keep that pool from turning into a green science experiment. Really take a moment to see the house for what it would be, not for what it is at this moment. Once you find the home that best suits your needs and the price has been agreed upon, there are still other processes you should be aware of such as the Home Inspection. This is optional, but to protect yourself as the future owner (and the one who inherits the issues and maintenance the home will need) it is highly recommended. During the inspection a detailed report will be recorded to inform you of the condition of the home from roof to foundation. You don’t want to purchase a home you plan to move right into to, only to discover it’s going to need a lot of work before you can. Be completely informed about the true condition of the home and ask for proof for the things you feel are necessary such as: Appliance warranty information, Air conditioning maintenance system information and paid invoices for recent home repairs or replacements.

Important To Do Your Homework

It’s very important to ask all the right questions and to gather all of the pertinent information beforehand to ensure you don’t run into any unpleasant surprises after signing on the dotted line. You know you’ve found the right home for you and your family when you feel in your heart that you’ve found the home that meets all of your expectations, is within your budget and will not yield any repair surprises in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, houses will need End Result: Your New Homerepairs and maintenance over time or even at the time of purchase. Just be informed and know what you will be looking at realistically to ensure your house is in the condition you expect it to be in before signing the contract. After doing all of the research and taking the time to envision your life in your new home, signing the documents will be the easy part because you know'll you are committing to a large long term financial agreement you will be satisfied with. You may run into a few items you hadn’t thought of, like meeting the nosey neighbor next door or the talkative guard at the gate, but at least all of the general research has been performed. There are always going to be variables you have no control over. The keys to successful home buying are to be an informed buyer and to know what you are looking for to ensure your future with this home will match your lifestyle standards today and for years to come. Looking for a dream home? Then let your search begin.

Would you like to learn more about the current real estate market in Sarasota? Do you have any other questions concerning finding your own personal Dream Home? Then please do not hesitate to contact us at (941) 284-4474 or Toll free (941) 404-4737. One of our qualified Sarasota agents will be glad to get back to you.

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