Sarasota Ranked As No. 1 Best Place To Retire: U.S. News & World Report


According to the U.S. News & World Report, Sarasota, FL has been recognized as the number one place to retire. If you are looking to maximize your retirement while living in one of the best places then take note: Sarasota has now outranked all of the other cities when considering happiness and satisfaction. This beautiful city has actually beat San Antonio and Pennsylvania by a long shot! Some of you may be wondering how exactly it was determined that Sarasota is the #1 city for a retiree to live- well this city was given this spot by evaluating a plethora of criteria such as "the happiness index, housing affordability, retiree taxes, job market, quality of healthcare and desirability." This...

Report: U.S. Needs 7.3 Million More Homes


Recently, the overall housing construction has not been up to pace with the population growth in the U.S.- this has been going on for more than an entire decade! To prevent shortages from happening across the nation, all builders will need to consider the fact that they will need to construct 7.3 million more homes, according to a new report. "The Up for Growth National Coalition, a group of real estate developers, owners, and builders of affordable housing, finds that since 2000, builders in about 22 states and the District of Columbia have not constructed enough homes to sustain population growth."

Meanwhile, Utah and Arizona are battling housing shortages; the report states that the curren...

Rising rents pushing millennials to become homeowners

Within this past year, the typical spring buyer is on the lookout for a three bedroom, two-bathroom home with a garage and up-to-date kitchen, according to a new survey released from This given survey has also found that the needs for families and the rising of rent prices are encouraging most millennials to get into the current market, while most 55+ buyers are geared towards having more privacy and comfort in the next home they purchase.


With reference to this article, some very distinct differences were identified in regards to priorities. For example, "The more older buyers are worried about having privacy and having the opportunities to age comfortably, while millennials pl...

Luxury Market Report- March 2018

North American Luxury Review- February 2018


February 2018 figures reveal that overall the luxury real estate market throughout North America continues to remain stable, settling into a “new normal”. In general, luxury home prices have leveled off mainly due to inventory constraints easing as demand decreased after the post- recession housing boom. Diane Hartley, General Manager for The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, stated during a recent interview that “the luxury real estate market led the general housing market out of the global recession, and during that explosive upswing, we saw some of the largest year-over-year price gains ever; now we are simply seeing a retur...


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