"Neveretirees" Will Drive Sarasota's Real Estate Market

Recent research from the National Association of Realtors finds that Sarasota is one of the top 10 housing markets likely to attract baby boomers. Boomers already account for a significant portion of the real estate market in the city and those numbers look set to increase. The city appeals to this age bracket because of the varied cultural offerings, the climate and the cost of living. And while boomers are now beginning to reach their 60s, that doesn't mean that they are looking to retire just yet. This a generation so retirement-shy, they have been nicknamed neveretirees.


Baby Boomers Plan To Be Neveretirees

Debt and the recent financial crisis has been delaying the millennials from gettin...

Outstanding Year For Luxury Home Market

Luxury home sales are exploding and taking over the real estate market! Compared to last year, homes priced over $1 million have increased by 16%, making this the biggest increase compared to any other price segment in the real estate market. The most significant growth in luxury markets mostly centered on big cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Riverside, and New York and many of these luxury buyers are international, coming from places as diverse and distant as China, Canada, Europe, Russia, and South America.


Sales Of Luxury Homes Up 12%

While there is a continuous increase of buyers in the luxury market, statistics have shown that homes priced under 100,000 have dropped 6% in the past year w...


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