Top Beach Bars in Sarasota & Manatee Counties


Living in South Florida has a lot of perks, including being able to enjoy the warm weather year-round, sunbathe in its pristine beaches any time of the year, and visit some of the best beach bars when you feel like having a drink or two. When it comes to the latter, Sarasota and Manatee Counties include some of the best spots to relax and grab a drink. This area is place that is teeming in terms of options for a nice beach, a stunning view, and a good drink.

Lido Beach Resort Tiki Bar

Located on Lido Key situated in a lavish resort, even if you are not a staying guest, you can just walk in and enjoy their beach bar. Make sure to try their tropical cocktails. The classic mojito is not to be mi...

Sarasota - Heaven on Earth


Whether you are looking for a place to retire and live a peaceful and relaxing life, or you are an adventure seeker who wants a new home at a place full of fun and exciting activities, Sarasota may be just the place for you. Both young and old will fall in love with this picturesque and special place that combines numerous cultures and dreams. Located on the southwestern coast of Florida, it is famous for its beautiful beaches and canals, golf and tennis courts and dazzling waterfront homes.

Whatever You are Looking For, You Will Find it in Sarasota

Sarasota is renowned for its stunning beaches, and few can resist buying a beautiful home situated on the waterfront. Sarasota waterfront homes of...

Siesta Key Beach: 10 Best Beaches 2016


At the annual list of best beaches released by Dr. Beach, Siesta Key Beach landed at the no. 2 spot. The last time that this majestic shoreline made it on the list was last 2011 when it clinched the highly coveted first spot.

The annual list is created by a professor of the Florida International University named Stephen Leatherman, better known as Dr. Beach. In order to determine the ranking of the beaches in the United States, there are at least 50 criteria where they need to excel. On the previous year, those beaches that previously landed on the top spot are no longer qualified to enter the list. However, this year, Dr. Beach decided to reset the ranking and allow the previous winners to e...


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