The Best U.S. Markets to Invest in Rental Properties in 2018

Ever get tired of hearing people go on and on about “Location, location, location!”, whenever real estate comes up in any given conversation? Yet most real estate investors never look much further beyond their own backyard, when deciding where to invest. Millions of Americans invest in rental real estate, and they all have the same goal in common: to make money. Location is the only factor that you cannot change once you buy a rental property. While you can do repairs to improve the quality and look of your rental property, there is nothing you can do about the location of your investment. "Your real estate property is where it is, and you can’t take it and move it somewher...

Florida- Top 5 Beach Towns

There’s very little in this world that is more appealing than the quaint and relaxing feel of a beach town. Nothing can quite compare to the salty charms of coastal living. With wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the crashing of blue waves onto sandy shores, what more could anyone possibly want? With warm weather year-round and a booming housing market, Florida coastal cities have become one of the most coveted and popular moving destinations. But between all the bountiful beach towns in the United States, which ones take the coastal crown?

A 2018 WalletHub study of 58 metrics ranging from housing costs to the share of waterfront homes and water quality has com...

Baby Boomers VS. Millennials

Whether or not you see millennials as relentless selfie takers with their noses in their phones or the next trailblazing generation of the modern age, there is no denying the economic importance and power millennials have over our planet. And that doesn’t just apply to the latest clothing trends and iPhones; they are becoming a serious market in both the real estate and business worlds.

Everyone from condo developers and landlords to media outlets and magazines have been racing for years now to obtain the attention and approval of the millennial generation. Millennials, those born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, aren’t the teen to young adult demographic you may be ima...

"Year-to-Date Home Sales are Strong in Sarasota and Manatee"

Sarasota and Manatee County has closed more home sales so far in 2018 than sales in January through May of 2017. Inventory is still tight and median prices continue to rise year-over-year. Overall, this month reports more closed sales and pending sales across the two counties. The two-county area reported 2,191 total closed sales, a one percent increase from May 2017. In the condo market, Sarasota sales increased by 6.4 percent to 452, while Manatee condo sales increased by 16.8 percent to 278. As for single-family homes, Manatee sales increased by 2.6 percent to 641, while Sarasota County decreased by 0.2 percent to 820.

The condo market in both counties has had an upward trend in pricing an...

Even after tax reform, homeownership still beats renting

The spring home-buying season is underway, but there have been a plethora of changes within this last year. "Congress has curtailed tax incentives to purchase a home, and mortgage rates and home prices are up. Yet for most folks with a stable job, buying a home is still better than renting." The new tax law has doubled the standard deduction to $24,000 for couples and caps their deductions for state and local taxes at $10,000. Those combine to greatly reduce the tax incentive to own a home – the share of homeowners who will itemize deductions and list mortgage interest and property taxes is estimated to fall from 44 percent to 14 percent.


Most homebuyers have more disposable income to ...

Home Upgrades & Your Taxes: What you need to Know


Now that the New Year has arrived, we're all looking for ways to make improvements in our lives, from getting fit to reexamining our finances to remodeling that horrid 1970s-style bathroom. If you're planning to make any improvements to your home this year, here are some things you need to know about home upgrades and their tax implications.*

Repair vs. Improvement: What's the Difference?

n order to take advantage of tax breaks associated with home renovations, it's important to know the difference between a repair and an improvement. The IRS defines a repair as anything that's necessary to keep your home in good condition but doesn't necessarily add to its value. An improvement is anything...

What to Know About Common Home Buying Contingency Contracts

When it is time to buy a property, are contingency clauses necessary? Some contingencies may create additional expenses for buyers but may be useful tools for closing on a home and potentially having a seller make needed repairs. First-time home buyers can help themselves by learning about common home buying contingencies and why it is important to work within specified timelines.


What Is a Contingency Clause?

A contingency clause is an action or condition that needs to be met for the contract itself to become binding. When the contract is signed, both the seller and buyer agrees to the terms outlined in the contract. Contingencies may include specific terms or a stated timeframe. Home contin...

Top 10 Important Real Estate Terms

Having a basic understanding of important real estate concepts before you start the homebuying process will give you peace of mind now and could save you a fortune in the future. Here are ten real estate terms you should know before you start looking for a home.


1. Buyer’s Agent vs. Listing Agent

There are usually two agents involved when you buy a home; the “buyer’s agent,” who represents you, and the “listing agent,” who represents the home seller. Dual agency is when there is only one agent representing both sides of the transaction, and it is something you want to avoid at all costs!
*FACT: When buying a home, you don’t pay your real estate agent ...

4 Ways to Get a Better Mortgage Rate

When you buy or refinance a house, you naturally want the best mortgage rate available to you. And if you follow these four tips, you’ve got a great chance at getting it.


What Affects Your Mortgage Rate?

You probably know that everyone is not offered the same mortgage rate, even by the same lender. Your rate depends on several factors:
- Borrower risk profile. The most desirable borrowers are those with excellent credit, a substantial down payment (or lots of home equity if refinancing), buying a single-family primary residence.
- Shopping behavior. Studies show that consumers who shop more pay less. Obtaining multiple loan quotes really does get you a lower mortgage rate.
- The mortgage ...

Buying a Vacation Home in Sarasota, Florida


Establish a Price Range

First, establish a price range. Purchasing your second home should be enjoyable and not wear down on your finances. For purposes of a price range, assume that your down payment, closing costs, and furnishing will be 33% of the purchase price. In other words, if you have $50,000 in cash, your beginning price range should be between $130,000 and $170,000. However, with a second home a down payment can be a little as 10%, so if you are someone with $50,000 to put down you could qualify significantly more for a purchase price. Many borrowers may decide choosing a lesser price is ideal as it keeps monthly costs down. Second homes generally qualify at the same interest rate...


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