5 Things You Never Tell a Contractor

Contractors may be your client’s go-to person during a home renovation. To ensure things go smoothly,® warns of a few phrases homeowners should never say to the contractor, including:


1. “I’m not in a hurry.”

Don’t put too much or too little pressure on the contractor. If the work is Time sensitive than tell them! At the same time, set perameters and realistic deadlines. Time is often money and convenience.

2. “We had no idea this would be so expensive.”

Nothing is worse than having to write a check to a contractor ABOVE the expected amount. How about how the contractor feels? They put in all the time and effort into the project with an expectation of being comensated. The money talks need to occur PRIOR to any work being started.

3. “I’ll buy my own materials.”

Contractors are often eligible for better pricing on materials. Don't forget, you hired them because THEY are the Experts, not you. You may thining you are helping but you may be hurting the bottom line.

4. “I’ll pay up front.”

Don’t take away your bargaining card from the start. A contract between you and the contractor will ensure the contractor will get paid, but make it contingent on the job being done to your satisfaction. You want to be able to hold the contractor accountable for the work they do.

5. “I’m old-school. We can use a handshake.”

A contract protects you and the contractor from the project being done on budget and in a timely manner. Get everything in writing first.

Read more phrases you should never say to a contractor at®. Source: “8 Things You Should Never Say to a Contractor,”® DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2017

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