Venice, FLA – Amongst the Best Living Places for Retirees

Now, as it was stated in one of the upcoming editions of the prestigious Forbes Magazine, Venice is one of the cities amongst the top 10 in the country which are best suited for your retirement. The reasons are rather various, and they are the result of a combination between low crime rates, cost of living as well as the convenient location amongst many other ranking factors. According to a few interviewed current retirees living in the sunny Venice, the most attractive qualities of the region are the location – near the gulf as well as the overly friendly people who live there. With this in mind, the highly regarded Forbes Magazine has effectively chosen the city to be amongst the Top 25 Places to Retire back in 2014.

Content Living According to Locals

People already living in Venice say that the community is gradually expanding and even though it’s gated, there are more and more construction sites. People are overly glad that they are getting the recognition that the location deserves as they believe Venice is without a doubt an incredibly place to live in.

Ranking Factors to Consider

It’s worth noting that throughout the ranking process, Forbes magazine used a formula which was particularly based on factors such as the location, taxes, weather, quality of the air, medical services, costs of living, walkability, crime rates as well as volunteerism. According to one of the city’s leaders – Emilio Carlesimo, who’s also a member of the local Council, these were the factors that were taking into thorough consideration.

Crunching the Numbers

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that the starting price for a median home is going to be as little as about $200,000. This is also attributing to the overall likeability of Venice, especially when it comes to places to retire at. However, with more and more people habiting the area, the locals fear that this could jeopardize the overall small-town atmosphere that they treasure. With this in mind, Emilio Carlesimo stated that it’s this council’s task to keep the city within reasonable borders and to make everything they can to ensure that the city remains small because that’s what people have voted for.

In any case, Venice is without a doubt amongst the most preferable locations within the USA to purchase your retire property or your regular home if you are looking for a calm and helpful community. Venice is definitely a destination to watch, and you can find the best deals at our real estate agency. We are going to provide you with the assistance you need in order to find the home of your dreams and get the best deal for it.

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